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  Fill and de-chlorinate your tank water –  Tap water is easy to use for freshwater aquariums, but the chlorine will kill helpful bacteria and your fish. Use an approved kit to remove the chlorine before your fish take up residence. Set up your filtering system –  If you use an under-gravel filtering system, be sure to cover it with about an inch of gravel to aid in filtration. A filter on the side of the tank needs at least two cartridges so that you don’t disrupt the aquatic cycle when replacing one. Tricking out your tank –  Most people use an aquascape in the back of their tank. It is colorful and can remind fish of more tropical surroundings. It also limits the outside stimulation for your fish. Choose something colorful.

  To drive safer.  Although we all try to be safe when driving, it is no secret that some are careful than others. Do you talk on your cell phone, eat, or play with the radio when driving? These are small tasks, but very risky when driving. Make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your driving. Whether it be focusing only on driving or leaving five minutes early so you aren’t in a rush, do it. To lower car insurance.  If you have been with the same insurance provider for years, you may be paying too much for car insurance. The only way you will know is if you price compare. Make it your New Year’s resolution to lower your car insurance. Even if you can’t find a lower rate elsewhere, improve your driving, pay your car insurance in full, or opt for automatic payment withdrawals, as you should be rewarded with a discount. It is true that you need to have a good outboard motor on your boat, but you need to have things like life vest, because even though yo